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Attractive professional label design is the key to successful sales and profit increase! The first impression of the buyer and his desire to purchase the goods depend on how profitable and effective the label is. A beautiful label can attract new customers and return that ones who lost interest. Recognition, loyalty, preference and popular love – a dignified beautiful label contributes to all of this! And we, in the “Flex-n-Roll” design studio, exactly know how to make it -to sell and be competitive!

Symbolic images, harmonious colours, decorative decoration, and picturesque patterns – everything is masterfully chosen and skilfully combined! We are not limited to one style and are happy to fulfil any request: from fabulous to colourful characters, from retro to modern times, from national colour to global trends.

How we work

The process of creating a concept for the design of your label begins with the analysis of the market, in particular the competitive environment and the subsequent supply of creative ideas. Further, after discussion with the customer of the most liked versions, our designer begins to create. We are not limited to one option – you will receive an excellent presentation, which includes several thematic series. Each series provides a description of the conceptual content and 2-3 types of labels. Then the chosen option is perfected in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

What we offer

• development of label design from scratch according to the customer’s specification or independently;
• redesign of obsolete labels;
• objective photographing of the goods in general and labels in particular, with retouching, composing of design with subjects of photography;
• design adaptation to a series of products;
• conversion of jpg / jpeg files into a vector image;
• naming;
• development of design of accompanying materials (a cap on a bottle, gift packing, a box).

Terms of design development – from 2 weeks, the cost depends on the package of services and is discussed once the brief is filled.

Why a design is worth to order from us

1. We are professionals in the label market. “Flex-n-roll” is the undisputed leader of the market and, according to independent research of MASSMI, the best printing house in Belarus.

2. We have a great experience in the design of labels.

3. Among the clients of our printing house are the largest enterprises in Belarus and Russia, serious market players. Please see our portfolio.

4. Even at the stage of development of layouts we envisage the use of printing technologies and offer the customer the best options in order to the label “begins to sparkle”.

5. We understand what a brand is, its values, mission and corporate identity; we actively cooperate with branding agencies and create our brand. Accordingly we develop a design taking into consideration all the nuances of branding.

The package of services: “DESIGN IS NEEDED URGENTLY, ALREADY YESTERDAY” – is subject to discuss as well 🙂

Contact us

To find out the cost of the design make a quotation request.

For consultation just leave your number – and we will call you back.

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